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Dynamic Detailing
Dynamic Detailing

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Q: What is Detailing?

A: Detailing is more than just a wash, it’s the restoration on an automobile that makes it look like it just rolled off the show room floor. In a detail it consists of a thorough wash process that includes getting all the door jams clean and removing bugs, tar and all other contaminates that give the appearance of a dirty looking vehicle. After a deep and clean wash the paint must be polished with electric polishers to remove oxidation, scratches, swirls, spider and spider webbing. The result: restoration of the paint's original, factory-new shine and finish. After polishing is done the paint is ready for waxing, with lots of varieties of sealants and waxes to choose from. All parts of the paint are waxed, including door jams, engine and trunk jams etc.! A real detail also consists of a thorough interior cleaning as well, as this is where you spend an average of 1 full hour a day.

Q: What is the Difference between a Sealant and Carnauba Wax?

A: A sealant offers a significant amount of protection--usually 3 to 6 months with a high quality product. A Carnauba wax offers a better look with greater clarity and depth to the paint's finish; some say Carnauba wax makes paint look "3D." A Carnauba wax on most occasions will only protect a vehicle 1 to 3 months...3 months being a stretch. But the protection varies depending on how much the vehicle is driven, whether its garaged, and how it is washed. Sealants and Carnauba Waxes can be layered to get the affect of protection and clarity.

Q: Does Compounding Remove Clear Coat?

A: Yes. Often it’s minimal, depending on how deep scratches/swirls are. 3 or even 4 hard compounding jobs won’t remove enough clear coat to even notice that some of it is gone. A true compound will actually cut the paint down to below or where the bottom of the scratches or swirls is. There are products out there that will actually fill in the swirls and give the effect that they are gone, later reappear after a car wash. My scratch removal process, however, is permanent.

Q: Does Detailing Increase Resale Value?

A: Yes it can. But the amount can vary upon reason. Getting a detail before you sell a vehicle has its benefits. If the vehicle is looking its best it gives impression that the vehicle was well taken care of both cosmetically and mechanically. The offers that a professionally detailed car receives are higher...usually much higher than the cost of the detail. This explains why car dealers detail 100% of the cars they sell. It's simply good business.

Q: What Is ClayBar?

A: A ClayBar is a bar that similarly resembles a putty substance and will slide across properly wetted paint surface with a clay lube. As it slided over the paint surface it removes bonded contaminates such as industrial fallout, brake dust, tar, tree sap etc. When finished, this technique makes paint surfaces feel incredibly smooth and prepares them for the best possible polishing and waxing results.

Q: Do Sealants And Carnauba Waxes Remove Swirls, Scratches, and other Paint Defects?

A: No. Even the best quality sealants and waxes merely fill in paint defects temporarily. To remove swirls and scratches, polishing of the paint with lightly abrasive compounds and polishes will be necessary. A sealant or wax is applied to give protection and depth to seal in the health of your paint after polishing.